Friday, 11 January 2008


“In the search of my real and true identity I go through all that surrounds me and all that influences me, and the main thought that crosses my mind is: “No matter what I find, I have to be true to myself, to what I believe, to what I like and the person that I want to become, simple and true. I have so much influence that I consider myself a being from the world, that won’t fit in any stereotype or culture, because I was born in between cultures...and honestly I have no intention of becoming a purist in any way , in any style, that wouldn’t be true to myself and I would be forcing something unnatural. I believe that the world is so mixed everywhere in any corner that either you close yourself to all that is happening around you, or you just let all the influences lead you and flow within you, be creative and invent a new sound that says the most things about yourself...without losing your roots.I guess what I mean is that I don’t want to be one more...I want to be Me, with a testimony to share that can reach, touch or even change lives...I believe that is my mission!”

Carmen Souza speaks about her new album "Verdade/Truth" to Patrícia Pas'cal:

What do you mean with the title 'Verdade' that means truth?

C.S: The title 'Verdade' or 'Truth' has a very special meaning to me because, I see life as a long path that I cross and in the way I find several situations that either help me reach another and higher level or they make me go back or stop, or look back, or fall, or trip…and in all of these happenings, the only thing that I ask God is to keep my inner self true to Him and to His values and to somehow keep me “pure”. All experiences in my life, good or bad, will make me more mature, and will make me grow, and give me more stories about myself, but the things in which I believe and that I know to be true, which for me is God and all the values and principles that were given to me since the beginning, I want to keep them, and evolute with them…because I believe that, it is what and Who has brought me to where I am now.

Carmen what are the main differences between "Ess nha cabo verde" and this second album "Verdade"?

Both, ‘Ess ê nha Cabo Verde’ and ‘Verdade’ follow an acoustic and simple arrangement and instrumentation, but ‘Verdade’ is respecting more the trio, which is me in the guitar, piano /Wurlitzer and voice, Theo Pas’cal bass, double bass and percussion, and a percussionist/drummer. In this way not only the arrangements have more space and complement each other, but also the message is more hearable and understandable.In terms of the essence of the album, “Verdade” is even more connected to what I live and experience. I’m no longer speaking about ancient capeverdean stories that I heard of, I’m talking about my real life, what I believe, my vision of the world…and what it’s becoming and also what I’m becoming as a person and as an artist. I can say that I’m becoming more aware in life and in music, more true to what I am, more musician. It’s always an evolution process and I hope it will be so until my last days. The first album was the beginning of an experience and I followed more of my ancestors music and message, this second album ‘Verdade’ is more of me, I’m not disregarding anything, but I let music and the message within me take the lead.

How was the process of writing the lyrics and what they say about you?

C.S: The process of writing lyrics is always retrospective and introspective. Normally I Just hear what the song has to tell me when it is still in construction and together with the melody I just write it.Not always the song speaks so quickly to me, or the right words just vanish from my head, so it can be a bit frustrating sometimes…it’s not always the same process.It’s also about emotional feelings that I am dealing with when I write so this can be a very hard job in terms of energy, emotion….I know that I have a mission as not only a musician that simply sings songs, but I feel that I have a mission as a messenger, so my preoccupation is that I don’t speak about what everybody else does (superficial things), but I speak about profound and strong, I can say that I go the extra mile with the subjects. And these subjects that evolve on my mind or throughout conversations, they are so strong and gain force when they complemented with the song. So if you read the lyrics you will see that what I’m saying is what is real about me , experiences, daily life in which I try to really understand the purpose of everything and specially my own purpose in the world.